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Walcrisco Waffle Bakers of Australia

Our Belgian waffles is a labour of love for the past 30 years


Walcrisco Waffle Bakers of Australia was first established in 1986.
It was Australia’s first waffle only bakery and commenced in a small factory at Carrara on Queensland’s Gold Coast by Belgium couple Walter and Christa Verhoeft. They had recently migrated to Australia and saw an opportunity to manufacture and sell waffles to the Australian consumer. The company first sold under the ‘Golden Waffle Brand name’.
The companies first line product was a soft toaster variety waffle which was sold through various distributors to restaurants and smaller supermarkets. Coming from a country which consumed waffles in large quantities and at any time of the day Walter and Christa soon realised that the Australian public had no idea or understanding at what a waffle was. They also ran into great difficulties with Australian conditions especially the high humidity which caused the product to crumble and curl.



The timing was not right for the waffles to be sold on a large scale. The only real market was through deli’s and a smaller importer food stockists which sold largely to Australians with European backgrounds.

Many people would have not continued facing such tough market conditions but the Verhoeft’s truly believed that sales could grow and the product would become more widely accepted. Both having a background in Pharmacy they had the technical know-how to develop the product to Australian conditions and taste.

After some 10 years of continued development the recipes are to this day highly guarded. Many other larger food companies have tried to develop and market a waffle product for Australian conditions but have failed.


After an initial 5 year period of trial and error and at times very frustrating at the lack of genuine consumer’s things started to change for the better. The Australian retail market was interested in the product, waffle packs were designed and sold under the ‘Greens ’brand and sold to a limited number of supermarkets. Steadily the sales started to grow.

State by State the product was increasing in sales, initially a 130g, 4 pack soft variety waffle was being sold in around 50 Woolworths supermarket stores in the dessert section with very little shelf space.

Frustrated by the lack of advertising and promotion by the contracted brands Walter and Christa started their own product brand name ‘Walcrisco’ and started dealing direct and appointed their own distributors.


Truly a National Waffle Brand

Today our product is truly national with the Walcrisco Waffle Square 4 pack Toasting waffles and our 6 pack AllrOunds being sold in over 400 IGA and independent retail stores across Australia and our Belgium Brussel’s are sold as a food service line through Bidfood and PFD.

The company is now owned by the Wells Family.